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"Buy a shirt, help a shelter bunny"
Wildlife Designs
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By request (you know who you are!) we have all kinds of cute critters here: guinea pigs, ferrets, raccoons, you name it! Also check under "Birds" for more wildlife. Purchasing these also helps the bunnies and small animals at the animal shelters. Click for enlargements. Click here for Products & Prices and here for the Order Form.

Ordering is easy if you read the proverbial "small print" (under the designs)! Basically, only some (smaller) designs fit on totes: these are marked "T". Only some designs can be put on the warm fleece loungers: these are marked "L". ALL designs can be put on Tshirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves shirts, and the sleepshirt/tshirt dress.

So, first, select your designs. Check for the "T" or "L," if applicable. Next see if the design says *light colors only,* or *all colors* for the shirt color. Do note I can only get a few loungers anyhow-- if that's what you want, *email me*, don't just order. (Wow is this getting confusing? Clear as mud?) The Products Page has more details, and that's where you go after looking at the designs.
So, go to the Products page. Select items. Pick colors.
Go to the Order Form, fill out/send in. If possible, provide ALTERNATIVE choices if there are any (in case something is unavailable). Shipping and payment instructions are there.

Questions? Email me! And thanks so much! The bunnies thank you!
 Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig
All Colors; Can be trimmed, T
All Colors; Can be trimmed
so no text, T

The Nutster
All Colors

Tree Frog
All Colors, L
Furry Friends #a6771c
All Colors- print can be trimmed, T
All Colors- print can be trimmed, T
All Colors- print can be trimmed, T

Raccoon on Log
All Colors

The Wild One
All Colors

Raccoon Paw
All Colors

Raccoon & Pond
All Colors

Grizzly Bear
All Colors, L

Sea Turtles
Lights, T, L

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