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Every Day the Best Day

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Good Things Come...

Love is
Love is Patient, Kind

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Dancing Bunny

Christmas Bun

Flower Bun
Flower Bun (Jodi Jensen)

A lot of people requested Harewear tote bags.

I will do a *limited* run of them-- so if you want one please email so I will set one aside for you. Don't just fill out the order form and assume I will have it! The totes are of two varieties. The standard size is 14 inches high by l0 l/2 by 5 (deep). The large zipper tote/travel bag is l5 l/2 inches tall, 22 inches across, and 5 deep. It has a zipper compartment inside and the top also zips.

Both totes are canvas; the standard size is a stiffer canvas, the larger one softer and more floppy. The regular size comes in Natural with the bunny sayings designs (above).

The large zipper tote comes in natural or navy (depending.) The sayings designs fit as well as Flower Bun, which orients horizontally so looks quite sharp.

The standard tote runs $19. The large tote $27.

One or two totes ship for $4. Add $l per each additional.

If you wish to order, please email me ( and also fill out the order form at the main Harewear site.

Designs are limited in availability, so first come, first served. Please email if you have questions.

Thanks for your input so I can bring you cute bunny items that you can enjoy and that help the shelter bunnies.
Carla =:3
The sayings read: "Good Things Come to those who Wait," "Write it on your Heart that Every Day is the Best Day of the Year." "Love is Patient and Kind," "Nothing is more to be Prized than the Value of each Day," "Merry Christmas to All."

These patterns can be seen enlarged on the main pages.

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Special Note: Many thanks to Angela Lai and
Kay McBride for help with this page.

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