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"Simon Says: Buy a shirt, help a shelter bunny"

Simon, my wondrous, beloved Simon, my bunny soulmate, died
September 21, 1999. I will always miss him. Since he passed, I've been working with shelter bunnies and started Harewear. Now there are a lot of well-dressed bunny people out there ;-)

To see more of Simon, click here, he was a spectacular being. When he died at age 9 l/2, I was a basket case. I couldn't face getting a new rabbit yet, but began visiting local shelters. I saw rabbits in little bitty cages, or housed in the "cat" room, or across from loud barking dogs. Some bunnies were totally depressed. So was I. I wanted to bring them all home.

Ultimately I decided to at least try and brighten their days. I bring them hay and veggies, clip nails, try to socialize them. And since the shelters have no rabbit information, I am writing it for the public.

HareWear is an attempt to keep my small venture going and make it somewhat self-supporting. Any shirt profits will help the bunnies. And it can help you to be the well-dressed human ;-) (Seriously, I've received several compliments from non-animal people.)

And so Simon continues to work in mysterious ways...

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