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"Buy a shirt, help a shelter bunny"

Welcome and thanks for visiting us!

We hope you enjoy this site which has been created for two purposes:

To help the bunnies in animal shelters around Los Angeles, California, where so many have neither hay nor veggies nor chew toys and no bunny information is available.

To accomplish this by providing YOU with an adorable bunny shirt that you can enjoy!
A win-win situation ;-)

HareWear bunny shirts are a great gift for a great cause. Some people complain they wear too well and they have no excuse to buy more shirts often enough ;-)
Due to popular demand, Harewear is expanding. Guess we are Harewear Plus! Anyhow, we have some cat, bird, small animal, wildlife, and floral designs. And don't forget to check out the Bunny Nose Gallery and Wally and the gang!

Click here to see SIMON, the bunny who inspired Harewear

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Click Here to see Simon's life, Murf, and HAREWARE Pottery!
       Click Here to play Where's Wally?
      Click Here for the famous Bunny Nose Gallery
    Click to see Oscar's Pizza Bunny Tale.

Shirt patterns are updated as new merchandise becomes available. Bookmark us and please check back soon!

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