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"Buy a shirt, help a shelter bunny"
Bunny Designs

SOoooo many bunny shirt graphics, so little time! ;-) To say nothing of the many other designs now offered: small critters, wildlife, cats, birds, wonderful garden motifs, you name it. Please note I moved the wonderful guinea pigs, sea otters and more to Small Critters & Wildlife. I now have raccoons! Check out the many new designs!

Click the thumbnails for larger images. Click here for Products & Prices and here for the Order Form.
Ordering is easy if you read the proverbial "fine print"! Basically, some designs go on LIGHT COLORS ONLY. Some go on ALL COLORS. Some designs fit adult items only, some also fit even the regular size tote bags (T) and kids's shirts (K). (Some *not marked* T may fit the larger totes, too-- ya have to ask me!) No notation generally means adults only, but email me if you still want it (I can pull some neat strings ;-)

So, first, select your designs. Check for the "T" (regular tote) or "K" (kids), if applicable. Check for the "LIGHTS" or "COLORS." Email me with questions and a heads' up if you are ordering. (Wow is this getting confusing? Clear as mud?) The Products Page has merchandise details, and that's where you go for details on that. Please note I am trying out a new sleepshirt, but made by the same company (Anvil). It should be nice and it has pockets ;-)

So, go to Products page. Select items. Pick colors.
Go to Order Form, fill out/send in. Email so I can make certain it's in stock, and, if possible, do note second choices/colors in case something is unavailable. Shipping and payment instructions are spelled out.

Questions? I'm here! ;-) Thank you and the bunnies thank you!
oneplanet bunny.jpg
One Planet Is All... #ul7555
NEW - All Colors
Strange Dog.jpg
Strange Dog! I was able to get more! Yay!
Cat Hare!
Lights. 6 only.
Beachcomber Bun
Beach Bunny
The Bun Family
Looks great on All Colors
Dwarf Bunny & Butterfly
Lights, K,T
3Fuzzy Bunnies.jpg (2758 bytes)
3 Fuzzy Bunnies #a1099bpw
Lights- 6 only
Tulip Lops is BACK!
Lights; K,T
Snow Bunny (21153)
Snow Bunny is back!
Lights, 4 only.
WS4103.jpg (27036 bytes)
Daisy Browns #6529ws
All Colors- 2 only
Bunny Flute
Lights, K,T
Angel Bun tlp6543
Angel and Friends tlp 6544
Lights, K,T

Proverbs Bunny #A1494G
All Colors
Nose Buns.jpg (4825 bytes)
Nose Buns #A5979fpw
Lolita lop.jpg (6417 bytes)
Lolita Lop #A6588bpw
Lights, 6 only. T
 Lookout Bunny
Lookout Bunny #a8161a
Lights. K,T.
All Colors, versatile. A FAVORITE!
Bunny Bend
Lights, K,T
Californian Nosebuns #6510
So cute! Lights
Lop Pansies #9782ws
PB 10th Anniversary.jpg
PB 10th Anniversary
2 Only, size M and L
brown buns.jpg (5152 bytes)
Brown Buns&Butterflies
4 only. Lights, K,T.
Basket Bunny- Lights, 4 only
Wish'n Well Buns.jpg
Wish'n'Well Buns
All Colors
All Colors; Text optional; T,K
Dutch Buns.jpg (21153 bytes)
Dutch Buns
All colors- 8 only
Mom friend.jpg (18182 bytes)
Mom Friend #86966AW
All Colors, 2 only. K,T
Mom Hugs.jpg (19275 bytes)
Mom Hugs #86964aw
All Colors- 6 only. K,T

Grandma Hugs
All Colors, TWO only. K,T.
WS4101.jpg (19123 bytes)
Bunny Love
HelloBun.jpg (18182 bytes)
Hello Bunny!
NEW! Great Design. All Colors. K,T
HoneyBuns.jpg (19275 bytes)
Honey Bunnies
2 only; text optional; LIGHTS, K,T
creatures (28198 bytes)
Creatures Large and Small
Lights. 3 left.

NEW!! Wildflowers Cat & Bunny
All Colors. (Shown on black)
catslip.jpg (18182 bytes)
Cat Slippers
All Colors.
Sorry, out just now.
badbun.jpg (19275 bytes)
Gangsta Bun
You asked-- I got him! All Colors. T, K.

"Rhonda's Brown Bunny"
Lights. Supply Limited.

"Rhonda's Brown w/ Quotation"
Lights. Again, Limited.

Some classic designs, ALL Limited - give 2nd choice:

Rabbit Dream.jpg
When Rabbits Dream
Original artwork.
Lights,T. Limited supply.
Oscar.jpg (4825 bytes)
"I don't do Windows" (that's MY Oscar!)
White,Natural,T,K, Limited.
Chef Wally.jpg
Chef Wally -- Front
White/Natural. Limited. T,K
Chef Wally-- Back
White/Natural. Add $6 for Front & Back shirt or tote.

Lights. 2 only. T,K

"Takes a Computer" shirt
Lights. Limited Supply. T,K

"As Good As It Gets" (blue)
Lights. Limited Supply. T,K

"As Good As It Gets" (peachy)
Lights. Currently Unavailable- need Photoshop tweaker! ;-)

New Possibilities:

Embroidered Rabbit

Bunhouse- 2 entries

Eli's House - had 3 entries
Did not come with rabbit ;-)

Hidey Hole
Just some instances of my Dad's work.

Bunny Castle
My Dad's latest.

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