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HareWear refers to bunny shirts-- great for holidays, gifts, and just comfy wearing around.

Harewear was started in honor of my beloved Simon. When he passed on I was a basket case and started helping rabbits at local shelters.

Thanks to Harewear, shelters now have care sheets, adoption kits, and mats and carpet squares for the buns to sit on. Some rabbits have been neutered and gone into foster care. The buns now have names, cards with info on them, and get hay to eat. Yay!

Thank you all.

Here are my Harewear closeouts! I have a few T's on hand and can order a few more. Also can order some sweatshirts. The tunics, or "skimps," below, I can't get til the Fall.

The Tshirts are 100% cotton in a variety of nice colors. Sweatshirts I can get in burgundy, blue, green, purple and more, but sizes are limited. If you email me with your size I can check on color availability. Quantities are limited.

Here are a few photos of skimps and sweatshirts people recently ordered.



OK, now here are all the designs!
Please note if you click for a closeup, the colors listed are WRONG! (sorry about that). Please email me for colors nad sizes.
(Click on any design for a close-up and order information.)

Best Day
Best Day Bunny
Can get 4 items

Good Things
Good Things Buns
2 left

Christmas Bun
Christmas Bunny
Only 1 left
Flower Bun
Flower Bun
3 left
Daisy Bun
1 Large gold Tshirt
Brown Bun
Brown Bun
Can get 1 design on a light color
Dancing Bunny
Dancing Bunny
1 left, and 1 slightly imperf L Tshirt $11

Love Is Bun
Love Is... Bun
Only 1 left

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       Click Here to view Simon and HareWare Bunny Pottery.Lots of new, good gifts there!
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Special Note: Many thanks to Angela Lai and
Kay McBride for help with this page.