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Meadowbuns. Ladies Marsh Landing scoop neck.
Goof: Image not perfectly centered. $7.00.

Rabbit! on light blue shirt. Size L.
Goof: Ear is smudged, rabbit not quite level. $5.00.

I Wuv You on pink shirt. XL.
Goof: Print imperfect (but horizontal wrinkle lines are NOT there; photo not great.) Still cute! $9.00

Chef Wally on natural shirt. XL. 2-sided shirt.
Goof: White spot in blue background near salad bowl. $9.00

Hello Bunny on burnt orange. Small youth.
Goof: smudge near outside ear; tiny gap between flower and stem. $8.50.

Strange Dog on white. XL.
Goof: small design smudge on lower lop ear. Truly barely noticeable. $15.00.

RIFRAF! White. Medium.
Goof: small cracks in Oscar. Not sure design was correctly applied. $4.00.

Oscar "Don't Do Windows" Large zipper tote.
Goof: A bit of Oscar did not smoothly adhere to the canvas. $11.50.

Chef Wally standard tote (14x10 1/2x5 inches). Front side only.
Goof: Too much color: printed too brightly. $10.00.

Chef Wally standard tote. Front & Back.
Goof: Front perfect (and 2-sided always costs more). But the back...(next)

Chef Wally tote back.
Goof: LOL!! Veggie list in blue square reverse printed! $12.40.

Beachcomber Bun standard tote.
Goof: Printed too lightly. $ 9.00.

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