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Buyer's Goof Day! Select Irregulars marked down for Quick Clearance!

Meadowbuns. Ladies Marsh Landing scoop neck.
Goof: Image not perfectly centered. $6.00.

Rabbit! on light blue shirt. Size L.
Goof: Ear is smudged, rabbit not quite level. $3.00.

I Wuv You on pink shirt. XL.
Goof: Print imperfect (but horizontal wrinkle lines are NOT there; photo not great.) Still cute! $9.00

Chef Wally on natural shirt. XL. 2-sided shirt.
Goof: White spot in blue background near salad bowl. $9.00

Hello Bunny on burnt orange. Small youth.
Goof: smudge near outside ear; tiny gap between flower and stem. $8.00.

Strange Dog on white. XL.
Goof: small design smudge on lower lop ear. Truly barely noticeable. $15.00.

RIFRAF! White. Medium.
Goof: small cracks in Oscar. Not sure design was correctly applied. $4.00.

Oscar "Don't Do Windows" Large zipper tote. Long handles.
Goof: A bit of Oscar did not smoothly adhere to the canvas. $11.50.

Chef Wally standard tote (14x10 1/2x5 inches). Long handles. Front side only.
Goof: Too much color: printed too brightly. $9.50.

Chef Wally standard tote. Front & Back.
Goof: Front perfect (and 2-sided always costs more). But the back...(next)

Chef Wally tote back.
Goof: LOL!! Veggie list in blue square reverse printed! $11.00.

Beachcomber Bun standard size tote.
Goof: Printed too lightly. $ 8.50.

Perfect Shirts all Marked Down! Save Money, Help the Bunnies.

Click Order Form when you've made up your mind. Or just email me!

Christmas Cardinals on white longsleeve shirt. Size L.
Perfect, festive. $17.99.

Moms Give the Best Hugs on white and blue baseball shirt. Women's size M.

Official PetBunny 10th Anniversary shirt - the very last one. SOLD!

Official PetBunny shirt - the last one. SOLD!

Lookout Bunny on natural. XL.
Printed an iota light. $15.99.

Chef Wally (double-sided). Printed front and back. Size S, white and size L, natural, available. $21.99

Hello Bunny! Lavendar tank top. Size XL.
Very, very cute. $17.99. Ships free with any other item.

RIFRAF petite white tote with 12" handles. 13 x 13 x 2 1.5"
"Resistence is Futile: Rabbits are Forever!" SOLD!

Love is Patient and Kind. Last design. Standard size natural canvas tote (14x 10.5 x5") Long handles. $13.00

Oscar: I Don't Do Windows! Standard size natural canvas tote. $13.00

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