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CATS! (and a few DOGS!)

Yes, we have cats, cats, cats! Lots of cute and clever shirts. And I was asked, what about dogs? Now we have dogs! So far the cats and dogs are getting along just fine, thank you!

You can help all small shelter and rescue animals with these shirts.

Click for enlargements. Click here for Products & Prices and here for the Order Form.
Ordering is easy if you read the proverbial "fine print" (under the designs)! Basically, only some (smaller) designs fit on totes or kids' shirts, these are marked "T" and "K". ALL designs can be put on adult items (Tshirts, baseball shirts, longsleeve shirts, etc.)

So, first, select your designs. Check for the "T" or "K" if applicable. Next see if the design says *LIGHT COLORS ONLY,* or *ALL COLORS* for the shirt color. Email me with any questions ;-) The Products Page has more details, and that's where you go after looking at the designs to select what you want.
Ultimately, you go to the Order Form, whick you fill out/send in. If possible, provide ALTERNATIVE choices in case something is unavailable. Shipping and payment instructions are there.

Questions? Email me! And thanks so much! The kitties thank you! Now the doggies do, too!
Beach Beauty.jpg
Beach Beauty
Lights, T.K.

Curled Cat

Cat & Butterflies
All Colors, T.K

Cat Cross Stitch
All Colors

Cat Heart
All Colors, T,K.

Kittens & Pot
All Colors, T,K
Do Not Disturb! -perfect sleepshirt!
Lights, T, K
Homespun Cat

Musical Cats
...and dancing mice. A very funny shirt.

A Better Friend
"I can't imagine in all the world a better friend than you..."
Gorgeous! LIGHTS

Hello Doggy!
NEW! Incredibly cute(and he's blue!)

Flower Dogs
NEW! FUNNY! (Click for larger image)

Welsh Corgi
NEW! Click for pocket and hem design, too!

Mixed Corgis (Pembroke AND Cardigan)
NEW! By animal artist Robert J. May

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